High Judicial Council Ends Mandate of High Court Judge Dvorani

The High Judicial Council (KLGj) had decided to end the mandate of High Court Judge Ardian Dvorani. 

On Thursday, the KLGj argued that Dvorani’s term has ended after the appointment of three new members of the High Court. Six KLGj members voted for and three against the decision.

The KLGj decision comes a day after EURALIUS and USAID refused to give opinions on the case, arguing that the issue falls outside their competences. It follows President Ilir Meta’s request to end the judge’s mandate.

Dvorani’s mandate ended in 2014, much earlier than those of all the other members of the High Court, who either resigned or were dismissed by the vetting process. However, since 2014 he has managed to keep his seat.

According to the Constitution, Dvorani would be the first High Court judge to be replaced, once the first new member was nominated to the High Court. On March 10, 2020, three new judges were appointed to the High Court.

Ardian Dvorani called today’s decision an “unimaginable mistake”. He added that the KLGj was influenced by the media in their decision.

Following his dismissal from the High Court, Dvorani must also resign from the Justice Appointments Council (KED).