From: Exit News
High Judicial Council Requests International Opinions on High Court Judge’s Mandate

The High Judicial Council (KLGj) will ask the opinion of international partners, likely EURALIUS and OPDAT, on the dismissal of High Court judge Ardian Dvorani.

The decision was made in today’s KLGj meeting, following President Ilir Meta’s request to end Dvorani’s mandate.

It remains unclear why KLGj did not manage to arrive at its own conclusion regarding Dvorani. The Albanian Constitution stipulates that new members of the High Court will replace judges whose term has ended.

Dvorani’s mandate ended in 2014, much earlier than those of all the other members of the High Court, who either resigned or were dismissed by the vetting process.

According to the Constitution, Dvorani would be the first High Court judge to be replaced, once the first new member was nominated to the High Court. On March 10, 2020, three new judges were appointed to the High Court.

At the same time, the Constitution also stipulates that only the Constitutional Court is authorized to interpret the Albanian Constitution. Thus, if KLGj needed a constitutional interpretation regarding whether or not Dvorani’s mandate has ended, it could turn to the Constitutional Court that now has the needed quorum to review its request.