From: Exit News
International Press Institute Condemns Police Violence against Albanian Journalist

The International Press Institute has condemned the Albanian government for the violent arrest and detention of editor Alfred Lela during the protest following the demolition of the National Theatre.

Lela is a well-known television personality. He was at the protest in his capacity as a journalist at the time.

After the release, he stated that he had tried to peacefully mediate between police and protesters after the violent treatment of a woman by officers. 

Video footage shows the ensuing violent attack and handcuffing by uniformed police and civilians in plain clothes. He was then taken to a police station by special forces.

The journalist was kept in detention for about two hours, and said he was assaulted and insulted by police.

The Albanian Media Council strongly condemned the “disproportionate violence” used by police and called for a public apology. The Union of Albanian Journalists also condemned the arrest.