Data on employees and suspects of Albanian intelligence services have been published by Iranian hackers in the latest leak since government systems were breached in July, leading to the severing of diplomatic relations with Tehran.

The cyber attack took place in July and September 2022 and brought all online government services to a halt causing significant problems for businesses, individuals and state functions. Since then, the hackers have periodically released data from the hack, including communications, wiretaps, and data on the movements of politicians and officials.

Following the revelation of the hack by Iran, Albania suspended all diplomatic ties and expelled Iranian diplomats from the country, closing the embassy in the process.

“In cooperation with specialised digital anti-terrorist partner agencies, it was first discovered that the 15 July cyber attack on Albania was state aggression. The in-depth investigation provided indisputable evidence that the Islamic Republic of Iran sponsored the aggression,” Prime Minister Edi Rama announced in September.

The latest tranche of documents includes information on those working for the security services, safety certificates, and criminal record checks.

The hackers published the documents on their Telegram channel.

“The grass is always greener on the side of terrorists! O you who search from the history and the criminal history of every Albanian! Did you do the same for those communist terrorists?” they wrote.