From: Exit Staff
Kayak: Albania Most Searched Winter Sunshine Destination

Albania is the most searched winter sunshine destination according to data released by travel company Kayak this week.

Searches for flights to Albania from the UK were up by around 266% on December. Greece came in at second place with searches up significantly less than it neighbour, at 151%. Meanwhile, the Italian capital of Rome saw a decrease in interest from British citizens, falling by 18%, most likely due to tough COVID-19 restrictions.

Third on the list was Madrid in Spain, followed by Luqa in Malta, and Lisbon, Portugal.

Laure Bornet, of KAYAK, said: ” After the festive celebrations and another tough year, people are eager to find a cheap winter escape. We are seeing a big spike in people searching for European destinations, and there are some savings to be had with many destinations seeing flight and hotel prices down compared to last month.”

Albania has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent year with it accounting for up to 27% of the GDP.