Kosovo Parliament Adopts Resolution Defending KLA War against Serbia

Kosovo Parliament adopted a ten-point resolution on “Political and civic unity, in defense of the values ​​of the people of Kosovo”.

The resolution proposed by AKR MP Mirlinda Sopi Krasniqi received the minimum 61 votes necessary on Thursday.

It expresses support for and urges the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office in The Hague to work in accordance with Kosovo and international laws.

It further calls on the special court investigating possible war crimes by Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) veterans to be impartial in handling cases.

The resolution comes after President Thaci and PDK leader Kadri Veseli, who are both indicted for war crimes, implied that the judicial process against them would harm KLA legacy and Kosovo’s statehood. Today, KLA veterans also protested the Specialist Chambers.

It emphasizes the parliament’s concern over possible procedural violations committed by the court when it announced the indictment against President Thaci and others.

It notes that Kosovo institutions have always cooperated with international and local courts. The KLA has proven the righteousness of their war, and will continue to do so with the Specialized Chambers.

The resolution calls on political parties and Kosovo people to come together in defending the KLA war.

It draws attention to the fact that it was the Serbian state that carried out ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, expelling one million people from their country, killing over 12,000 civilians, including more than 1,300 children, committing more than 400 massacres, violating about 20,000 women, and destroying property, cultural, religious and historical monuments and infrastructure.

The parliament calls for a solution to the issue of disappeared persons, and that justice be done for all victims of Serbian regime.