From: Exit News
Kosovo Reports First Two Coronavirus Cases

Two first cases of Coronavirus infections were reported in Kosovo, on Friday afternoon.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Minister of Health Arben Vitia said in a press conference that a 20 year old from Italy and a 77 year old from Kosovo have been admitted to the Prishtina hospital with COVID-19.

Vitia said that both are in a stable condition.

15 other people, related to them, have been tested but results are not yet in.

Kosovo was until today one of only two European countries without any known cases of Coronavirus. Montenegro has still not reported any case.

Prime Minister Kurti asked the public to remain calm, follow medical recommendations regarding hygiene, avoid contact with persons who have traveled abroad, and call emergency services instead of going to the hospital.

The government claimed that medical authorities advised closing borders to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Albania has already closed its border with Kosovo, as the total number of infected cases has reached 33.