From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Kosovo Suspends Flights With Great Britain

Kosovo decided to suspend flights with Great Britain due to the new variant of COVID- 19 identified recently, which reportedly is more infectious, but less dangerous.

The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday, that based on its competencies regarding anti-COVID measures the outgoing Minister Armend Zemaj, has issued a decision on special measures to protect against the spread of infection of Covid-19 disease, to suspend all airlines flying to the International Airport “Adem Jashari” from Great Britain to the Republic of Kosovo and vice versa.

“All citizens coming from Great Britain through land border crosses are obliged to be isolated for 14 days in their homes / apartments. The decision instructs the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to take the necessary decisions and actions in accordance with their areas of administrative responsibility in order to implement this decision,” says the statement.

It also emphasizes that for all those persons who do not respect these measures, the competent bodies are obliged to impose punitive measures in accordance with Law on prevention and control of Covid-19 Pandemic in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo.

The decision is in force starting from Wednesday.