From: Exit News
Kosovo Veterans’ Association Claims to Have Received 4000 War Crime Case Files

On September 7, the Kosovo Liberation War Veterans’ Organization (OVL) announced that a parcel containing 4000 files from the Kosovo Specialist Chambers had arrived at their offices.

The Specialist Chambers are a special court with a mandate to look into allegations of war crimes committed in Kosovo during the war and immediate aftermath (1998-2000).

OVL said that the documents contained details from investigations into former KLA fighters, including the names of protected witnesses. 

Additionally, the Organization claimed that the documents proved that the Specialist Chambers is biased against Albanians and the lion’s share of the files were drafted with the support of or by the Serbian prosecution.

The day after the announcement, Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor’s Office investigators confiscated copies of the files.

This announcement comes at a time when a judge from the Specialist Court is expected to confirm the ten-count indictment filed against Kosovo president and former KLA leader Hashim Thaci.

OVL has continuously criticized the Specialist Chambers, complaining that the institution focuses exclusively on alleged crimes committed by KLA fighters.

The Specialist Court and Kosovo’s government have yet to comment on this event.