From: Exit Staff
Kosovo’s Largest Party Protests ahead of Constitutional Court Ruling on New Government Formation

Thousands of Vetevendosje party (LVV) supporters held a protest today in Prishtina to demand fresh elections.

The so-called “test protest” comes one day ahead of the expected Constitutional Court ruling on whether President Hashim Thaci’s decision to sidestep Vetevendosje and offer the mandate to form a new government to the second largest party LDK is constitutional. The protest name suggests that a bigger one will possibly be held after the ruling is made public on Friday.

Local media have reported that a decision has already been taken and that the vast majority of Constitutional Court members have essentially supported Thaci’s decree.

Protesters stuck to social distancing rules amidst rain, and chanted “We want elections”, “Elections yes, thieves no”, “Albin Kurti” and “Vetëvendosje”.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti was ousted after a no-confidence vote in March.

Vetevendosje claims that the Constitution demands the President to call new elections but Thaci claims that he has the right to mandate the second largest party to form a new government, after Vetevendosje didn’t submit to him a candidate for prime minister for 20 days. 

Kosovo’s constitution sets no deadline for the largest party (Vetevendosje) to submit a candidate.

Koha newspaper has reported based on its sources within the Constitutional Court, that a majority of its members have decided to set the deadline at 15 days. However, only the Parliament has the right to amend the Constitution; the Constitutional Court can only interpret it.

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