From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Kosovo’s PDK Demands Clarity from Vetevendosje on Foreign Policy

The leader of Kosovo Democratic Party (PDK) Enver Hoxhaj said that the his party had clear demands during the meeting with the winner of elections Vetevendosje’s leader, Albin Kurti and the Acting President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani.

“Our approach during the meeting has been constructive, principled, we had clear demands and issues which we have raised,” Hoxhaj told media after the meeting on Monday.

He said that PDK has a list of topics on which they need a clear stance from Kurti and Osmani, before talking about establishing the government and electing the President of the country.

Among issues, PDK asked for answers from Kurti and Osmani is the stance on the dialogue with Serbia, after Kurti stating that he would not have talks with Belgrade before solving the missing persons issue and having an apology from Serbia.

PDK asked for clarification on how the new government will approach the Agreement on Association of Serb-majority Municipalities and the demarcation with Montenegro, two agreements that were strongly opposed by Kurti and his party members, some of whom threw tear gas in Parliament.

Hoxhaj also asked if Kurti and Osmani will respect the agreement signed in Washington under the name “economic normalization” by outgoing Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

PDK has asked for clarification on the issue of the President who needs to be elected. Hoxhaj said that before talking for a person, principles need to be discussed.

“Kosovo needs stability, political clarity and we need state leaders who unite the political scene and create unity among the people,” Hoxhaj said.

“We have asked Kurti and Osmani for clarity on their approach to foreign policy, as the future president of the country has a role in representing our policy and the government has a role in shaping foreign policy,” he added.

Vjosa Osmani is Vetevendosje’s candidate for President, while Albin Kurti is its Prime Ministerial candidate.

Monday’s meeting was called by Vetevendosje as the winner of elections, to discuss on establishing state institutions. Led by Albin Kurti, Vetevendosje Movement won the elections of February 14 with 50.28%, a staggering increase from the 26% in the October 2019 election.

The party will be represented with 58 out of 120 MPs. They are followed by PDK with 19, LDK with 15 and AAK with 8 MPs.

Kurti’s new government cabinet needs to be approved by 61 votes out of 120 in Parliament. While the President shall be elected by two thirds majority of all MPs, or 80 votes.