From: Exit News
KPA Judge Luan Daci Appeals 12 Month Probation

Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) member Luan Daci has appealed a court ruling sentencing him to 12 months probation

According to, Daci claimed the ruling was unjust, as he claimed he did not falsify any documentation.

The Special Court Against Corruption sentenced Daci to six months in prison, converted into 12 months probation.

The Special Prosecution Office Against Corruption (SPAK) requested one year in prison for Daci, who is accused of falsifying documentation.

He was fired in 1997 because he kept secret a decision regarding a pyramid scheme for about 6 months and organized a strike in the court premises of Tirana.

However, during his application to become part of KPA, in the ad hoc Parliamentary Committee interview, Daci failed to disclose his dismissal, claiming he had resigned, instead.

Following investigation, SPAK requested his suspension, and accused Daci of falsifying documentation. He was suspended, but the Special Appeals Court then reinstated him.

Subsequently, KPA decided to suspend him until the court process concluded.