KShH: Insufficient Training of Voting Commissions Caused Irregularities

According to the preliminary report regarding the parliamentary elections of yesterday presented today by the Albanian Helsinki Committee (KShH), one of the main source of irregularities in the voting centers was the cause of the many of the irregularities observers by the 170 KShH all over the country.

The KShH has the delayed proposition and last-minute replacement of a considerable number of second- and third-level commissioners (KZAZ, KQV, GNV). Considering the nature of the violations reported by our observers during the monitoring we think that those irregularities are partially the result of the hurried and low-quality training of the members of those commissions […]. These delays and replacement have in several cases led to the blocking of the voting process without legal cause, as was the case in several voting centers in Kavaja.

According to the preliminary report, nearly 25% of the voting centers did not open on time, while the KQZ’s last-minute extension of the closing of the centers from 19:00 to 20:00 caused further confusion.

The Albanian Helsinki Committee also reports that there have been several cases in which observers have been denied access to the voting center, or were denied their legal right to present written observations to the Voting Center Commission (KQV).