From: Exit News
Kurti Informs European Commission He’s in Charge of Kosovo’s Talks with Serbia

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti has informed EC President Ursula von der Leyen and EC chief diplomat Josep Borrell that he will lead the Kosovo delegation in talks with Serbia. He wrote to senior EU officials about his government’s priorities and full commitment to solving issues with Serbia.

In similar letters sent earlier to Trump and Pompeo, Kurti informed the EC leaders of his government’s decision to lift tariffs on Serbian goods, expecting Serbia to reciprocate this sign of goodwill by removing non-tariff barriers and by stopping their lobbying against Kosovo statehood. He invited the EU and US to engage in ensuring implementation of agreements between Kosovo and Serbia.

Kurti also clarified that his government and he personally will lead take the lead of negotiations with the Serbian counterpart, replacing President Hashim Thaci in the role.

He also laid his government’s priorities out – fight against crime and corruption, and economic growth – and asked for the EC support in achieving these goals on Kosovo’s path toward EU integration.