From: Exit Staff
Leading Coalition Partner Warns of Kosovo Government Reshuffle 

Isa Mustafa, the leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) has warned other governing coalition partners that the government may be reshuffled, following criticism from Ramush Haradinaj’s Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK).

In a statement on Tuesday, Mustafa called for “order” and “discipline” in the coalition.

“LDK will demand that the Government be ready to make reconfigurations and changes at any time for those who do not understand the order and discipline of governing; those who follow personal or party agendas, or who are deemed to spend public money abusively,” he stated in a Facebook post.

It comes after the AAK’s repeated criticism regarding the government’s handling of the dialogue with Serbia, as well as threats to leave the weak coalition. The party also proposed its leader Ramush Haradinaj for president when Hashim Thaci’s term comes to an end in February next year.

The government got the minimum required votes (61/120). The withdrawal of AAK would mean that the government could only reshuffle through a new coalition with the opposition Democratic Party of Kosovo. Possible war crime charges against former PDK leader, President Thaci may accelerate the PDK’s inclusion in the coalition. Meanwhile, opposition Vetevendosje is pushing for new elections. 

Mustafa urged both the majority and opposition to collaborate for the dialogue with Serbia, and refrain from public statements that would reveal Serbia Kosovo’s strategy for the dialogue. 

The opposition Vetevendosje accuses the government that they have no strategy for the dialogue.