Luan Rama Calls for List of 124 Drug Traffickers to Be Sent to Prosecution

LSI Deputy Chairman Luan Rama has called upon Prime Minister Edi Rama and Minister of Interior Affairs Dritan Demiraj to send the list of 124 people suspected of drug traffic to the General Prosecutor.

In a Facebook status, Rama stated that the public declarations made by the Prime Minister are not enough:

As high state officials they should know that it is their duty to act in accordance with the law by finishing as a first step their submission of the list of names and all the data they have to the prosecution!

Rama asked the prosecution to immediately start the procedures to investigate all the people on the Prime Minister’s list.

Prime Minister Rama had revealed the existence of the list with 124 names yesterday during a meeting of the Anti-Cannabis Task Force, when he also announced a wide-ranging action against drug trafficking and cultivation.