Mainstream Media Boycott Student Protest

Yesterday the main TV channels in Albania boycotted one of the biggest protests in the recent years in Albania. While students were protesting at the Ministry of Education in Tirana, but also in Shkodra, Korca, and Elbasan, the main TV channels in the country were broadcasting live Prime Minister Rama’s daily political activity with one of the companies closely associated with the government, Kastrati shpk. Ironically, while students were protesting against raised fees in education, the main national media outlets broadcasted live the signing of an agreement between Kastrati shpk and Hyatt Group regarding a five-star hotel in Albania, in compliance with PM Rama’s vision to transform the country into an elite and elitist tourist destination.

Students’ protest reached the public mainly through live broadcasting by several online websites, including, as well as some local TV channels.

Following is a recording of yesterday’s protest. Students are specifically opposing government’s decision to raise fees for entering exams but also fees in higher education in a broader sense.

Tirana proteston, Studentet kunder Qeverise

Tirana proteston, Studentet kunder Qeverise

Gepostet von Open Data Albania am Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018