From: Exit Staff
Mandatory Masks in Public From Thursday

The Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, has appealed to the citizens to wear protective masks in all premises, open and closed.

Through a video on social networks, Manastirliu stressed that despite the ongoing work of authorities and hospitals, the fight against the virus is critical and must be supported by citizens and residents. 

“Despite the hospital capacity and the preparation we have done and are continuing to face the virus, it is the life of the Albanians that we must protect, so each of us has a duty to fulfill in this battle. To help ourselves and help each other and to protect health by setting protective barriers, “said Manastirliu.

Rama annouced on Saturday that wearing masks in open spaces would start “next week”. The Minister clarified it will be mandatory fromo 15 October. Those violating the rules will be fined and the fine will be added to their water bill. It is not clear what will happen to those living in rented accommodation who do not have water bills in their name.