From: Exit Staff
MEP David Lega: Approval of Media Laws Could Compromise Albania’s OSCE Chairmanship and EU Talks

MEP David Lega has warned the Albanian parliament that if it proves the new media laws, “it will risk compromising Albania’s OSCE Chairmanship […]” and “also complicate the EU membership negotiations.” The Swedish politician is also member of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights at the European Parliament.

In his tweet, Lega also welcomed the Albanian opposition’s firm stance against the laws and its pledge to repeal them if elected:

“If the Albanian Parliament approves the new media laws it will risk compromising Albania’s OSCE Chairmanship. It will also complicate the EU membership negotiations. The strong resistance from the Democratic Party is therefore very welcome. #Albania @EP_ForeignAff”

Albania assumed the OSCE Chairmanship for 2020 on December 6.

The Parliamentary Committee on Legal Affairs approved the two controversial laws yesterday. They are expected to get the final approval in Parliament on Thursday.

Despite harsh criticism from international and local organizations, Prime Minister Edi Rama said yesterday that they had consulted the laws with the OSCE, and that the drafts were in line with international standards. However, only a few days ago, the OSCE Representative on Media Freedom Harlem Desir presented the Albanian government with harsh criticism on the two draft laws.