From: Exit Staff
MEP David Lega: Approval of Media Laws Could ‘Seriously Endanger’ Albania’s EU Bid

MEP David Lega has warned the Albanian government to withdraw from approving the media laws in their current state, otherwise it will “seriously endanger the chances for opening the EU membership negotiations.”

This is the second time that the member of the European People’s Party group in the European Parliament warns the Albanian government against approving the media laws. The Swedish politician is also member of the EP Committee of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights.

MEP Lega did not include the OSCE as a potential source of recommendations for the Albanian government. Yesterday the OSCE Representative for Freedom of the Media Harlem Desir implied that his office agreed with the latest version of the draft laws.

In his tweet, David Lega expressed his EPP’s support for Albania’s EU integration but added that Albania should meet the basic requirements.

“The @EPPGroup in the European Parliament strongly believes in opening EU membership negotiations with Albania. However, Albania needs to comply with the Copenhagen criteria, that are the basic and minimum standard for a candidate country.

If the Rama administration approves the media legislation in plenary in its current form it will seriously endanger the chances for opening of EU membership negotiations. They need to comply with the recommendations issued by the European Commission and the Council of Europe.”

Today, the Albanian Ombudsman also called on the Socialist majority to include recommendations by the European Commission and the Council of Europe Commissioner on Human Rights.

The draft laws are expected to pass in the ongoing Parliament session today. Journalists and civil society are protesting outside the parliament building.