MEPs Kukan & Fleckenstein Support Commissioner Hahn

MEPs Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein support the position of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the political crisis in Albania.

In a Twitter status, MEP Fleckenstein, who also was one of the two EU negotiators who failed to arrive at an agreement between the government and the opposition, declared:

Also MEP Kukan expressed his support for Commissioner Hahn’s letter yesterday evening.

In his letter, Commissioner Hahn declared that the continuing efforts to establish a dialogue between the two parties had failed, in spite of the insistence of the international community.

We have carefully listened to concerns and expectations from all sides, while trying to facilitate a solution of the ongoing crisis.

A number of options were offered, with the hope that parties and leaders live up to their responsibility to find a joint solution.

According to Commissioner Hahn the elections of June 18 will be held without the participation of the opposition, because “[i]t was the deliberate choice by the current opposition not to run for elections.”

At the end of his letter, which was addressed directly to the Albanian citizens, Commissioner Hahn stated that “[l]eaders will be held accountable if they try to derail the legitimate aspirations of the Albanian people for a better future.”