Meta Meets Lu, Vlahutin, and Borchardt Ahead of Negotiations

In advance of the negotiations that are expected to be held today, Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta met with EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin, US Ambassador Donald Lu, and Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania Bernd Borchardt in his offices across from the Prime Ministry and the opposition protest.

Ilir Meta has always stated publicly that he wants the inclusion of the PD in the elections, and asked his coalition partner to be “tolerant” toward the requests of the opposition.

Ilir Meta’s Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) is currently registered as a party that participates in the elections, but without a coalition with the Socialist Party (PS), as both parties failed to meet the deadline of April 19.

A scenario in which the LSI, PS, and a few smaller parties enter the elections without the PD will be disastrous for the LSI, whose survival is predicated on access to lucrative government jobs. Elections without the PD will most likely result in an absolute majority for the PS, and an opposition role for the LSI.