From: Bledar Qalliu
Montenegro Government Falls after Successful No-Confidence Vote

The parliament of Montenegro approved a motion of no confidence against the ruling government of Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic, after the coalition’s smallest member joined the opposition voting in favor of the motion.

On Friday, the United Reform Action (URA) of deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic and all opposition parties voted to remove the current government.

The coalition government, which includes the pro-Serbian Democratic Front and the Democrats,  was formed in December 2020. However, over the past months, the three partners have been at odds over several issues, including the role Serbia should play in local politics.

On Wednesday, Parliament rejected Krivokapic’s motion to dismiss Abazovic, a move initiated after the latter proposed Friday’s no-confidence vote, leading to Krivokapic’s fall.

While the constitution of Montenegro allows Krivokapic and his government to serve until a new government is elected, Abazovic has offered to form a minority government of limited duration.