From: Exit Staff
Montenegro Refuses to Open Polling Stations for Serbian Elections

The government of Montenegro rejected Serbia’s request to open three polling stations for Serbia’s presidential and parliamentary elections on April 3rd.

The Prime Minister’s office announced the news on Monday, VOA reported, noting that the decision was taken by the foreign minister. 

Pro-Serb parties in the country criticized the decision as “anti-Serb policy”, recalling that Montenegro has asked for wheat and corn from Serbia after exports from Ukraine and Russia were blocked.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also warned of retaliation: “Montenegro will receive Serbia’s response on Tuesday, which will have far-reaching consequences.”

Kosovo’s government also says elections are a matter of sovereignty and has been resisting calls to allow for their opening for Serbian elections. They have requested Serbia to present a request before they consider the matter, which Serbia refuses to do as it does not recognize the country. It also refuses Kosovo government’s suggestion for Kosovo Serbs to vote by post or through Serbia’s representative office.