New Çeta Graffiti Portray Politicians as “Narcos”

After a long time of silence, new political graffiti have appeared on the streets of Tirana. The style of the stencils suggest they were produced by the street art collective Çeta, consisting of artists active in public space and linked to the grassroots political organization Organizata Politike.

The new works portray leading Albanian politicians that have been for the last years implied in supporting and profiting from international drug trafficking, referring to the popular TV show “Narcos.” The graffiti portray Prime Minister Edi Rama, former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri (currently under investigation for corruption and drug trafficking), former Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj (who allegedly protected his brother, an internationally wanted drug trafficker), and Socialist MP Taulant Balla.

In the past, Çeta has produced several politically motivated works in a similar style, including works addressing public–private partnerships and the still unsolved death of child labor victim Astrit Gjoklaj on a Veliaj-trumpeted “model” dump site.