From: Exit Staff
New Neighbourhood to Be Constructed by Lana River

A new neighbourhood is going to be constructed along the Lana river that flows through the centre of Tirana.

Amongst the buildings in the plan are three to four 17-storey towers and a number of other five to seven-storey buildings. The project is a part of the Earthquake Reconstruction project.

The neighbourhood will house:

  • Families whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the 26 November earthquake;
  • Young couples are taking soft loans;
  • Residents who currently live in the area.

The news was announced by Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Arbian Mazniku. He said the neighbourhood was designed by Italian architect Stefano Boeri.

“This neighbourhood is one of the most important projects in the city over the next five years, designed by Stefano Boeri. Most of the buildings are low-rise but the neighbourhood will have three towers; a tall building that functions as a clock tower will be the marker, as well as two other tall towers,” he told Report TV.

In addition to apartments that will be housed in this neighbourhood, it will also house some state institutions that were either damaged in the earthquake or who are currently in small buildings.