Opposition Alleges Another PS Mayor Lied about Criminal Past

The opposition Democratic Party has accused another Socialist Party mayor of having hidden a previous criminal conviction from their decriminalization form. This would be the second Socialist mayor with a hidden criminal past after Shkodra mayor-elect Valdrin Pjetri resigned over a hidden conviction as drug dealer in Italy.

According to PD General Secretary Gazmend Bardhi, the mayor of Vora, Agim Kajmaku, had lied about his criminal past in Greece. The PD has requested the Prosecution Office to open an investigation.

Under the name of Jorgo Toto, Kajmaku would have been arrested in Greece when we he used to live there. After returning to Albania, Kajmaku did not return to Greece from 2004–2016, which Bardhi claims relates to his expulsion from Greece.

Kajmaku has denied the allegations, stating: “with legal responsibility and moral conviction I declare that I have not been convicted and have never been expelled by any EU state, nor by Greece.”