From: Exit News
Opposition Calls for Provision of Basic Equipment in Hospitals

The opposition Democratic Party (PD) has raised concerns about the lack of basic medical equipment in hospitals at a time when coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the region.

Albana Vokshi and Gazment Koduzi, who are monitoring the measures taken by the government, visited the Kamza Health Center, and found that doctors there lacked basic products such as gloves and sanitizers.

“We went and talked to some doctors at this health center, we saw the situation ourselves. So far neither gloves nor WHO standard masks nor disinfectants have been provided,” Vokshi said, accusing the government of spreading propaganda on measures taken instead of doing the actual work.

Vokshi added that the emergency department in Kamza didn’t even have 24-hour running water.

The government said it has allocated €1 million to hospitals two days ago over measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, it’s not clear when they will start equipping hospitals and health centers with the necessary equipment.