From: Exit Staff
Parents Look to COVID-19 Pandemic for Inspiration When Naming Newborns

The Coronavirus pandemic has inspired some parents to name their newborns after the virus, or things associated with it.

In India, twins that were born during lockdown were named Covid (boy) and Corona (girl). The parents of the unfortunate children said they wanted to ease the anxiety associated with these words and to make the occasion memorable. A baby boy in another part of the country has been given the name Lockdown in honour of the steps Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to prevent the spread of the virus.

Another couple that welcomed their bundle of joy during the global pandemic decided to opt for the name Sanitiser. They took the decision based on the fact that Sanitiser is one of the essential things during these times.

In the Philippines, a baby girl was named Covid Rose and another Covid Lorraine. Quite simple when you consider another recently born baby was called Coviduvidapdap.