Party of European Socialists Praises Albanian Prime Minister for Demolishing the National Theater

The Party of European Socialists has strongly supported the demolition of Albania’s National Theater.

In their statement after the demolition, the PES has praised Prime Minister Edi Rama for having “taken responsibility and acted” to raze this “hazardous” and “problematic building”.

 “The current socialist government of Edi Rama has taken responsibility and acted,” PES informs, while adding that “plans for the construction of a new, modern theater are already in motion, following a series of public and transparent consultations.”

PES President Sergei Stanishev has further informed the public that the theater is a property of the municipality of Tirana. He warned “some political forces” to stop using the situation to slow down Albania’s progress toward the European integration.

Finally, the party condemned artists and activists who occupied the theater building in attempts to save it from demolition, thus “sabotag[ing] public works”.

The Party of European Socialists had 148 MEPs in the 705-seat European Parliament.