PD Responds to Former Congressman DioGuardia’s Allegations

In an interview with Vizion Plus, former US Republican Congressman Joe DioGuardia alleged that former Prime Minister Sali Berisha had profited “billions” together with his son and daughter, without mentioning him explicitly by name. He also called current Prime Minister Edi Rama ” a chance for democracy.”

If they think that Rama didn’t keep his promises for four years, why did he win a second mandate, with so many votes that there is no need for a coalition? This is maybe your thought or of many other people, but maybe the majority of people considers it the best alternative compared to the previous governments, which didn’t want the judicial reform. You know the head of the previous government, who is claimed to have made billions of dollars with his daughter and son. How did he earn such money? From his government salary? This is not right. We will scrutinize the work of the new government and Prime Minister Edi Rama and will assure you that he will keep his promises.

In a declaration yesterday night, the Democratic Party spokesperson Ina Zhupa accuses DioGuardia of being “bought with dirty money”:

A former congressman showed himself today openly as the most recent lobbyist of Edi Rama. The lack of scruples shows that he has been paid well. This former congressman, although he speaks about Albania, doesn’t spend a word on the drugs, crime, corruption, and massive vote-buying, a fact known around the world. Why doesn’t he mention them? Very simple. Because he is for sale, and has been bought exactly with that dirty money, just like other lobbyists have been bought by Edi Rama, in Brussels, Berlin, and Washington.