From: Alice Taylor
Places to Visit: Peme e Jetes

Located just outside of Durres, on a hill surrounded by rolling fields is the Peme e Jetes organic farm and agrotourism. The entrance is lined with fig trees and vines and as you drive down the road, you can see the farm and its many animals below you.

Owned by the Bujari family, they grow their own fruit and vegetables, rear livestock, and make their own cheese, preserves, pastries, wines, and spirits. In addition to this, their door is always open to schools and kindergartens who are welcome to visit and use their facilities to learn about animals, food and nature.

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My first impressions were that I was impressed with the anti-COVID measures they were taking. We were warmly welcomed and asked to disinfect our hands before entering. All seating was outside and tables were spread out with adequate distance between each other. The friendly (and masked) waiter and the son of the owner, informed us that they disinfected the premises every night and took care to regularly clean items such as menus and condiments. We were impressed with their level of precautions and happy that we could dine in peace without worrying about hygiene. 


We were ushered to a vast table on the balcony, overlooking the farm below. Here we sat, watching the sun go down, listening to the ducks and geese chuntering with each other, and drinking lovely wine. After the sunset, fireflies danced around in the darkness- something I have never had the joy of witnessing in real life.

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Our kind host brought us the most wonderful selection of sausages, cheese, byreks, salads, stuffed vine leaves, preserves, and vegetables. He took the time to explain which each one was and how they made it. This was followed by melt-in-the-mouth baby goat, and for dessert, lemon cake and a creme brulee type dish. Lastly, he presented us with fresh fig and selection of melon. We washed it all down with crisp white wine and cherry liquor.

My favourites from the meal included a flaky, well-seasoned tomato byrek, a slightly spiced take on the Kosova suxhuk, and a deliciously light spinach pie.

I was pleased to note that every table had a child seat and that the area is largely child friendly. There was also a lovely children’s play area just below the terrace,  and of course the farm that can be explored by inquisitive adults and children alike.


The service here was fantastic. We were consistently addressed with smiles, laughter, and eager answers to any questions that we had. I was also happy to see you can purchase items to take home including preserves and alcohol!  

For families and couples, or even small events, Peme e Jetes is the perfect location. Excellent, fresh, organic food at reasonable prices and served with a smile. For an authentic dining experience just 35 minutes from Tirana, this is the place- especially for those that care about social distancing measures but still want to get out of the house.

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