PM Rama Echoes Zagani–Tahiri Talking Points in Nuhu–Xhafaj Case

Prime Minister Rama is using the same tactic in the Nuhu-Xhafaj case as he did in the Zagani-Tahiri case three years ago: incriminating and discrediting the police officer Emiljano Nuhu, who denounced the state capture by crime, while taking the Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj under his wing.

In 2015, speaking against Dritan Zagani, Rama declared:

A criminal, one of those that the reborn State Police has had the courage to identify in its own ranks and to purge, a collaborator of drug traffickers who leaked police operations has become the hero of the opposition, recently even of the head of state. A hero that apparently demands answer, that doesn’t go to the prosecution and answers only once about the accusations leveled against him, but has presented himself for political asylum in another state.

In 2015, while protecting former Minister of Interior Affairs Tahiri, Rama declared:

I pay attention that what anyone says about you […] when I hear any type of accusations, any type of monstrosities, and any type of verbal attacks on the Minister of Interior, on the chiefs of the State Police, on the government itself in relation to crime and with everything related to the battle for which you leave your house every morning. It must be without a doubt very heavy. You should be proud with the results, the numbers, and incontestable facts you have thrown to the ground an incredible quantity of mud that for months on end has fallen on the State Police, on its directors, and on the Ministry of Interior.

Today, on October 15, 2018, Rama spoke again, attacking Emiljano Nuhu and protecting Minister of Interior Affairs Xhafaj:

“Fake news or slander has been among us on the front pages of newspapers and on the traditional media shows. I am here today because the slander and fabrications rapture should not affect your work. The intensification of mud cannonballs thrown to this building at no time should distract you from the mission and the goal of this corps. The shrieking crisis of politics is a motivation that should gather its internal energy and uplift the State Police. Statistics are on our side, they clearly tell where our country was and where it is now in relation to crime.

The political and media war to create the opposite perception is not going to cease. It is called “the desperate war for power”.

Today, a dark cry has begun that tries to tell people that crime is going wild.

The Albanian [State] Police [performance] arrow should point at the mean performance of the European Union. Our goal is to take that arrow in the middle. This atmosphere, which aims at bamboozling people, cannot harm the target [achievement] and the image of the State Police. It is a great achievement of the government that in these 5 years the State Police gained its independence from the political party in power. Today the State Police stands independently of the party in power.

Today the son of the MP is where the justice put him, and not where the party would have left him yesterday. Where was the General Directorate of the Service for Internal Issues and Complaints (SHÇBA) when the uniformed slanderer brought his slander? Why were it left to a slanderer inside the Police to create a vortex, as he had planned it, and to ask for political asylum? Camera recordings show clearly that the whole scenario that was used to sling mud at the state police, was a fictional tale created by him, from the beginning to the end.

A crime movie of the brother, a crime video of the son, of the in-laws, crime over here, crime over there, Taulant, of course, Fatmir, too, myself, certainly.