PM Rama Will Sue German Journalist over Wiretaps

During the day, Prime Minister Edi Rama has responded multiple times on social media to the wiretaps published by German journalist Peter Tiede in newspaper Bild, which include recordings of Rama discussing vote buying efforts during early local elections in Dibra County in 2016.

PM Rama first tweeted one of the wiretaps on his Twitter account, confirming his conversation with Arben Keshi, Director of the Center for Illegal Foreigners at the Ministry of Interior Affairs, saying he “would do it the same again!”

What a misery and what a desperate attempt to manipulate people and tarnish Albania! What a lie: A[rben] K[eshi] has not worked for the police back then and has been candidate for the municipality of Maqellarë rooted in that place. I confirm this conversation and would do it the same again! Who has ears let him listen.

This is all a shameful scandal, cooked up by the infamous servant of [former PM] Sali [Berisha] at the Prosecution + another scoundrel stripped down by the [justice reform] vetting, who not only have violated the law for the secrecy of investigations, using wiretaps for blackmail and political games, but who also did not investigate anything!

Finally, Prime Minister Rama stated that he has decided to sue the journalist in German court, although it is unclear on what grounds. The rights of journalists to publish material from an investigation if it is in the public interest is protected by several verdicts from the European Court of Human Rights.

I decided to sue this journalist to German courts and in that blessed country, where justice is not a game of investigation secrets and the dignity of people and states is respected as a value no one can undermine, let see who’s right and who’s wrong in this story of injustice!