From: Exit Staff
Police Make Another Arrest for Migrant Smuggling

Police in Elbasan have arrested a 20-year-old man for transporting five foreign nationals through the country.

The immigrants paid a fee of a couple of hundred Euros for transport from Greece, through Albania and onwards to an EU Member State. Police apprehended the man following the receipt of information that he was transporting the individuals from Korca.

He was arrested in the village of Bradashesh near Elbasan while driving a Fiat van. According to the police report, he refused to stop the vehicle. It was then discovered he was driving without a license.

The man has been charged with “assistance in an illegal border crossing”, “irregular driving” and “disobeying the order of a police officer”.

There have been a large number of arrests of individuals transporting third-country nationals through Albania. This is just the tip of the iceberg as hundreds more pass through the country without being detected, or with the knowledge of authorities.

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