Police Will Prioritize Investigating Assets of Narcotraffickers

Director-General of the State Police Hako Çako once again reminded police officers today of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s message that the main focus during the coming period will be the investigation and seizure of the assets of drug traffickers.

During a meeting with the central and local directors of the police as well as the regional border directorates, Director Çako stated:

The main duty that the police has in this phase is the investigation of the activities of criminal groups that organize the cultivation and trafficking of narcotics; the seizure of the assets they created as the result of criminal activities, such as real estate, buildings, land, cars, hotels, motel, bars, different investments in businesses, etc.

Director Çako stated that in order to fulfill this duty, the police should collaborate closely with other institutions such as the Central Registration Office, the Asset Registries, and the Secret Service.