From: Exit Staff
President Meta Testifies to Prosecutors in KED Chair Dvorani Abuse of Office Case

Yesterday, President Ilir Meta testified at the Tirana Prosecutor’s Office regarding the suit he filed against Ardian Dvorani, Chair of the Justice Appointments Council (KED). President Meta accuses Dvorani of abuse of office and appropriation of a public title or office.

Speaking to the media following his testimony, the president urged the prosecution to act impartially and professionally:

“I am here in response to the prosecution’s invitation following the suit against citizen Ardian Dvorani for two clear criminal offenses, abuse of office and appropriation of public office. The case is a terrible in flagrante delicto [violation]. I hope the prosecution won’t be under political pressure and will do its job with professionalism and patience. All the evidence deposited so far is sufficient for the prosecution to act on Dvorani.”

The president also published a video explaining Dvorani’s alleged constitutional violations.

President Meta’s lawsuit came after a deadlock in the Constitutional Court where two candidates of the KED list, Arta Vorpsi and Marsida Xhaferllari claimed the same seat. Vorpsi was elected by Parliament and Xhaferllari by the President. Meta blames Dvorani for deliberately arranging the deadlock.