From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Private Cars Banned in Tirana and Durres as of Tomorrow Due to Coronavirus

As of tomorrow, the use of private cars will be banned across eight cities in Albania between Friday 6am and Sunday at midnight. The only vehicles that will be allowed to travel on the roads are state vehicles, freight vehicles and ambulances.

Roads connecting Tirana and Durres to other parts of the country will also be closed during the same timeframe.  All public transportation between the two cities, and within will also be suspended.

Prime Minister Edi Rama made the announcement today and while they are only in place until Sunday at the moment, they can be extended.

In his speech, he said: “These extreme measures limiting freedom of movement are necessary to protect every citizen, every family, and Albania itself from the aggressive escalation of coronavirus’ attack on us and our loved ones.

This is a “flu” that will infect many of us! 80% of the infected will be asymptomatic. This means that anyone may be carrying it, thus, even if we don’t have symptoms, we are all responsible for the protection of the elderly and the ill that surround us, because if we transmit it to them we have “gifted” them a lot of trouble.

Of the ones that do have symptoms, very few will become so ill as to need to go to the hospital, as most will experience the symptoms of a regular flu. Of the ones that do end up in the hospital, the majority are healed, yet none of us cannot and should not bet against the extremely low probability that they or their relatives may be among those who could even lose their lives.”

Rama said that those working in state offices in Tirana and Durres would not have to work on Friday. Anyone working in the airport or essential roles in state institutions and are unable to move on food, must submit their names to the General Directorate of State Police.