From: Exit Staff
Prosecutor’s Car Blown Up in Apparent Work-Related Attack

Vlora Court Prosecutor Albert Kuliçi’s car exploded, after a car bomb was detonated on Saturday early morning. Police said they suspect the attack is related to Kuliçi’s work.

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP), Court of Vlora and National Association of Judges condemned the attack.

The KLP stated the attack was an “unacceptable act that aims at intimidating the prosecutor and harming the functioning of the penal justice system in the war against crime.” They called for quick investigations and protection to prosecutor’s family.

Court of Vlora Chif Judge, Skënder Haluca condemned the attack, adding that it might be related to cases under investigation involving illegal appropriation of land in the coastal city of Vlora.

The National Association of Judges called for quick and effective investigations, and a harsh sentence.

This is the third attack against a magistrate in Albania in less than two months. Prosecutor Arian Ndoja was attacked with machine guns in early November. Judge Andri Ymeri’s car was set on fire in late November.