Rama Changes His Mind: Police Involved with Drugs

Prime Minister Edi Rama convened his drug task force to review the current state of the fight against drug trafficking and cultivation in the country. During his speech, the Prime Minister confirmed that officers of the police forces were involved with the cultivation and trafficking of narcotics.

Parallel to cleaning cannabis from the map of Albania, the State Police is also decisively cleaning its own ranks from employees related to criminal activities.

This is the first time that Prime Minister Edi Rama publicly accepts the inclusion of the police in criminal activities. During the four years that he was in power, Prime Minister Rama systematically denied the accusations of the opposition and protected the work of the State Police.

January 2017

After polling done by the European Commission a few months ago, the State Police is again confirmed to be the most trusted institution by the Albania in the Trusted Institutions Index.

September 2016

In these three years I think we can be proud for what we’ve done, the renaissance of the State Police. The fight with crime, drugs, and trafficking and for the security of the citizens is today as it never has been before and it will become even better. If you don’t have any idea or suggestions or thought in your head to help the work being better, at least shut your mouth because the results of the State Police are obvious.


I promise that in the first 300 days of the government the Albanians will see with their own eyes a State Police that they have never seen before. On our road of the renaissance there will be clear proofs of putting the State Police in their service as a guarantee of their security.