From: Exit Staff
Rama: No Agreement with UK on Deporting Irregular Albanian Migrants

Prime Minister Edi Rama said no agreement on the deportation of Albanian asylum seekers from the UK was agreed on during a phone call with his British counterpart Rishi Sunak, despite foreign media’s claims to the contrary.

Over the weekend, the British media wrote that the phone call between the two prime ministers meant a possible agreement on the expulsion of Albanians from Great Britain. However, Rama confirmed that there is no concrete plan for the deportation of Albanians who have travelled irregularly to the UK and instead called on the British Prime Minister to effectively fight human trafficking.

“There has been no talk of anything new, just to join forces more to organise better, and I have repeated all the things that I have repeated to his predecessors, how we think there is an efficient fight against the trafficking networks. Let’s see if the British side will be more active this time, and not only when there are

He added Sunak might visit Albania within the framework of bilateral relations between the two countries.

“Soon, we will have an exchange of visits. It has never happened that a British prime minister comes to Albania,” Rama emphasised.