From: Exit News
Residents in Durres Protest Over Municipality Failure to Acknowledge their Earthquake Damaged Homes

Residents of Durres today protested outside of the Municipality because they claim their earthquake damages have not been recognised by the state.

Residents claim that the lists approved by the Municipality and the categorisation of DS1, DS2 and DS2 has not included their properties. They said they have proper documentation to prove that their homes have suffered from earthquake damage.

Some 150 residents blocked the entrance to the Municipality in Durres and demanded the inclusion of their homes on lists for reconstruction.

On Thursday last week, the Municipal Council approved the demolition of 19 buildings in Durres after they were declared uninhabitable. They are located in administrative units Sukth, Manez, Ishem, Rrashbull, and Unit No.4 in Durres.

Durres and Kruja were two of the areas impacted most by the 26 November earthquake.