From: Exit Staff
Ruling Socialists Refute General Prosecutor over Crime Situation in Elbasan  

Taulant Balla has refuted Albanian General Prosecutor’s assessment that crime in Elbasan is controlling the city and its economic life.

Speaking at a party meeting in Elbasan on Saturday, the head of the ruling Socialist Party parliamentary group, Taulant Balla claimed that the media has misunderstood the chief prosecutor’s words.

“The prosecutor meant that we would never allow for public security in Elbasan to degrade,” he explained.

Balla claimed that police have solved all crimes committed during the last two months, and should now focus on those committed in the last two years.

“The criminal acts of the last two months have all been solved, their authors have been identified. I encourage the Elbasan police to keep up the rhythm and solve other criminal acts, not only those committed in the last two months but also those in the last two years,” he said. 

Last week, Albania’s General Prosecutor Olsian Çela stated that the city of Elbasan is being controlled by criminal gangs.

“The level of serious and organized crime [activity] is increasing in Elbasan. It’s been noticed that crime is controlling the city and its economic life,” Çela told prosecutors and police officers during a meeting on Monday in Elbasan.

The General Prosecutor added that crime is deeply rooted in the city, and that what’s seen in “only the tip of the iceberg”. He urged for “exemplary reaction” by state authorities.