From: Exit Staff
Serbian Minister of Defense Calls for ‘Institutional Unification’ of Balkan Serbs against ‘Greater Albania’

Serbian Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin has called for the “institutional unification” of all Serbs in the region, in order to bring peace to the Balkans.

In an official statement published on the Ministry of Defense’s website in Serbian, titled “Minister Vulin: What you give to Shiptars, you cannot forbid Serbs”, Minister Vulin said today’s decision in the joint meeting of governments of Albania and Kosovo to give Kosovo a port in Albania amounted to the creation of the “Greater Albania”, and that Serbs in the region should also unite to stop this “great disaster”.

The statement comes after the governments of Kosovo and Albania signed deals on several issues on Friday, in one of their regular meetings. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that Kosovo will have a port in Durres. He also attacked Kosovo’s former Prime Minister Albin Kurti for being against the mini-Schengen area, fearing Serbia’s dominance in the region. 

“By stating that the port of Durres will be Kosovo’s, Edi Rama continued his work on the creation of a ‘Greater Albania’. As every time so far, the European Union will remain silent and do nothing,” he said.

Vulin used the ethnic slur “shiptar” for “Albanians” in his official statement.

“’Shiptars’ can unite and can seize other people’s territories, and Serbs cannot be united even in their own country, so the lie is repeated that ‘Greater Albania’ is a natural Albania, and Serbs united in one state are a threat to peace,” he added.

 “’Greater Albania’ is an announcement for a great disaster, the breaking and destruction of states and nations in the Balkans. Only united Serbs can stop ‘Greater Albania’, and the sooner we unite institutionally, the sooner the time of peace will begin in the Balkans. You can’t prevent Serbs from what you give to Shiptars,” Minister Vulin stated.

Similarly, Vulin threatened Bosnia and Herzegovina with dissolution last month, through a possible declaration of  Republika Sprska’s independence, if BiH recognized Kosovo’s independence.

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