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Serbian President Says It’s Easy for EU to Take Anger Out on Serbia

It is “always the same self-appointed haters” who are behind a recent call by a group of MEPs to freeze Serbia’s EU accession talks over its stance on Russia because their dream is for Serbia never to advance in any way, President Aleksandar Vučić said Monday.

Answering reporters’ questions, Vučić said “many find it easiest” to take their anger out on Serbia, which is why Serbia’s position is “more delicate.”

Earlier, nine MEPs from the Renew Europe political group in the European Parliament asked the European Commission to call on Serbia to join the EU’s stance on Russia in light of its aggression against Ukraine and to temporarily freeze Serbia’s accession talks and cut off financial support if Serbia ignores the invitation.

In a reply to a journalist’s question, Commission spokesperson Ana Pisonero said that she was unable to confirm whether the Commission had received the letter from the MEPs. Pisonero explained that last week the EU indicated that “candidate countries are expected to gradually align with the EU’s decisions and positions when it comes to the Union’s foreign and security policy.”

Pisonero also said that the EUhad introduced strict measures against Russia for having breached international law and that it “expected the candidate countries, like Serbia, to gradually align with those measures.” ( |