From: Alice Taylor
Cannabis Ring Busted, Including Police and Administrative Officials

SPAK has announced criminal proceedings against a group of people from Skrapar for the offences of cultivation of narcotic plants, production and sale of narcotics, involvement in a structured criminal group and laundering the proceeds of crime or criminal activity.

Those involved include police officers from the Shkrapar Police Station, specifically Neritan Naska the Chief of the Police Station, Klement Zeqo, Bardhyl Cela, and Astrit Duro. Public officials were also involved, namely Edmon Zotko the on-duty Administrator of the Terman region and Fatos Lamaj the chief of the village of Corrogjaf.

SPAK reported that through cooperation with each other, they allowed the cultivation of cannabis in the areas under their control and supervision.

Investigations into the matter included the gathering of evidence such as wiretaps and surveillance.

SPAK said that cannabis cultivation was taking place throughout the whole region. Some 5045 plants were seized as well as 176 kg of cannabis packed and read to be trafficked. Several processing warehouses were also located.

Most of the public officials and police were placed in home arrest, while others will be kept in prison until the trial.