From: Exit Staff
Sole Albanian MP in Serbian Parliament Calls for Sanctions against Russia

Shaip Kamberi, the sole ethnic Albanian member of Serbia’s newly elected Parliament, called on Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine.

Serbia is the only country in Europe, except for Belarus, that has yet to impose sanctions on Russia, despite continued calls from the European Union. According to a recent survey, Putin was ranked Serbia’s most liked leader.

“The establishment of the new Parliament and government of Serbia must be accompanied by sanctions against Russia, in accordance with the foreign policy of the European Union,” Kamberi wrote on Facebook.

Kamberi added that as representatives of the Albanian Coalition for the Presevo Valley, he is working to create a parliamentary group with other opposition and minority parties.

He said that if his proposal for sanctions is not accepted, he will not vote for the new legislature.

While Serbia’s general elections took place in April, Kamberi won his seat only last week after a fifth round of repeat elections. The original results of the April 3 elections in Serbia showed a devastating result for Albanians, who lost all three seats gained in previous elections after the leaders of Albania and Kosovo had pushed their local politicians in a grand coalition.