From: Exit News
Special Appeal Chamber Dismisses Member Sentenced for Falsifying Documents

The Special Appeal Chamber (KPA) has dismissed its member, judge Luan Daci, following his sentencing by an appeals court over falsification of documents.

The Special Court of Appeal against Organized Crime and Corruption sentenced Daci to 6 months in prison, converted into a one-year probation, for falsifying documents in order to become part of the country’s highest vetting institution. The judge has appealed the ruling to the High Court and the case is still pending.

On Thursday, Daci said he will appeal his dismissal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Prosecutors launched an investigation into Luan Daci following a report by former prosecutor Besnik Cani whom the KPA had dismissed. More reports against Daci were also filed by former prosecutors Antoneta Sevdari and Elsion Sadiku, and former judge Ervin Metalla, but the KPA dismissed all.

The special prosecution SPAK found that Daci had concealed his dismissal in 1997 from the High Justice Council, lying that he had resigned instead. Daci had made this claim during his interview with an ad hoc parliamentary committee to become a KPA member. 

This amounts to a criminal offense under the justice reform laws, and Daci was sentenced.