From: Exit Staff
Summary of PS and PD Meetings on the Electoral Campaign Trail 08/04/21

The Socialist Party and Democratic Party candidates continued their electoral meetings in several cities of Albania. Exit brings you a roundup of the key promises and comments made during Thursday’s meetings.

Socialist Party (PS)

  • PS Political leader in Elbasan, Taulant Baala held several meetings with residents of Cërrik and Elbasan. He promised that work for the sewage system would start within a few months. This problem was not solved in 2 terms as the last two years have been difficult for the government because of the pandemic and earthquake he said.
  • Balla also discussed with residents the issue of drinking water and the investments made so far.
  • PS Political leader in Tirana, the Mayor of Tirana Erion Veliaj held a meeting with residents of Unit 7 and introduced minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj as a candidate for MP.  Gjonaj Said that corruption is not a phenomenon that can be eradicated immediately, but the government has activated all mechanisms to fight it.
  • The Political Leader in Vlora, Damian Gjikunuri was in Orikum, he held a meeting to discuss the April 25 elections.
  • PS political leader in Korça, Niko Peleshi, held a meeting with residents of Koça.  He asked for maximum support in the elections of April 25, in order to continue the plans and projects already drafted.

Democratic Party (PD)

  • PD MP candidate Jorida Tabaku held a meeting with traders of “Tregu Çam” in Tirana. She talked about the problems that traders face at a time when the economy is in crisis because of the pandemic. Traders complained of paying very high taxes to the central government and Tirana Municipality.
  • PD Political Leader of Elbasan, Gazment Bardhi held a meeting with residents of Elbasan. He said that PD will do its utmost to restore a better situation in the country.
  • PD Chairman Lulzim Basha held a meeting with farmers in Cerrik. He said that his government would be ready to help farmers.
  • Basha was also in Divjaka where he promised that PD would cancel the hunting moratorium while preserving the environment. He said that “Any moratorium imposed will be done in accordance with European methods and principles.”
  • Basha also claimed on TV that he would reimburse all families who spent money on COVID-19 treatment. He also said he would give a bonus to any company that re-employed people who were fired as a result of the pandemic.