From: Alba Mborja

A medical document issued to Gert Shehu, the 31 year old who punched the leader of the opposition Sali Berisha during anti-government protest on Tuesday, is raising suspicions about his identity

The unusual health document, titled “medical certificate” and addressed “to whomever may need it” states that the aggressor had visited the clinic in 2018 and was diagnosed and treated for “undefined psychotic disorder”. It refers to two other visits during 2018, and then jumps to a visit in the summer of 2022, where it claims that the aggressor was referred to a psychiatric hospital. The document was issued in August 2022.

The leader of the opposition Sali Berisha denounced the document as a cover for a police agent. During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Berisha alleged that police had planted their secret agent among protesters to create incidents and incite violence. He directly accused Prime Minister Rama as the planner of Shehu’s violent act.

But a government spokesperson distanced the government form the act, stating that Prime Minister Rama “unequivocally condemns the unjustified act of aggression the organizer and leader of the today’s protest”. Not lost in the statement the fact that Berisha is not mentioned by name but as the organizer of the protest.

Rama’s spokesperson added that “violence has never been, it is not and never will be a mean to address any concern or issue and who ever employs such means should face the full force of the law.”


Image of the suspicious health document issued to Berisha’s aggressor